We’re on for Saturday….woo hoo!!

So permission has been given for an all day session on Saturday.

All I have to do is decide where to go, what to fish for and how to fish for it. If I’m not careful I’ll end up taking everything I’ve got, short of beach fishing gear and then chopping and changing all day long.

Focus. Thats what I need – focus. I need a plan, a strategy if you like.

The problem is that having a plan requires a basic understanding of the task at hand. Fortunately some of the details will be relatively straightforward to work out. Sausages for example – I only need to decide which brand to buy. I’ll probably go for the straightforward plain old Pork version of the Tesco’s Finest, seeing as their Lincolnshires are pretty reasonable.

Next, the venue. Now I’m aware that I could be doing this in the wrong order (not the sausage bit – that should ALWAYS come first) in that maybe I should be considering what I want to catch before I work out where to catch it.

However, as I said in my previous (first) post, catching fish is not the be-all and end-all for me. It’s just as much about the location, it’s ambience and tranquility, the wildlife, and the absence of low branches and other snaggy things to bugger up my attempts at casting.

So back to the venue. I’ve previously had a wander down the Eden at Vexour Bridge. It’s extremely pretty, and it does have a few open swims where I can thrash around with my rod and line. According to the T&DAFPS website it’s good for Chub. So thats the species sorted as well.

All that remains is to decide how to catch the buggers. Given that trawling and the use of explosives, although not explicitly mentioned in the Club rules, are probably frowned upon I shall have to stick with the more traditional but somewhat risky strategy of trying to catch fish on normal fishing tackle.

We’ll see how that goes.

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