What’s in a name…? Part 1

The Fish Don’t Know – that’s the name of this blog. Fishingforluckies – thats the name of the website. What do they mean, these names? Why did I choose them? Have I eaten any exceptional sausages lately? These are all questions that I’m sure you’re asking, so I’ll endeavour to answer them.

When I embarked on this journey into the (slightly weird) world of fishing I remember having a conversation with a seasoned angler. It was based around setting up your terminal tackle in certain ways, using specific products from well known tackle companies. A magazine article I had just read insisted that without this set-up or without these ‘must-have’ bits and pieces any further attempts to catch fish would be doomed to fail. Now I don’t hold journalists in the highest regard it has to be said, but for a magazine aimed at proper grown ups with minds and brains and other useful ‘thinking’ bits to suggest something so utterly and totally stupid did manage to take me by surprise. The upshot of the conversation was that when all is said and done, a fishing rod is just a posh stick that helps you chuck your line and bait out and then helps you get little fishy out of the water and onto Facebook or Twitter. A reel is just a more advanced form of a ball of twine stuffed in your pocket and the myriad bits and pieces of terminal tackle we now use are all essentially variants on the ‘bent pin and worm’ theme.

Maybe that’s a bit of an over simplification, but just in case you, dear reader are the stump-dumb audience that the author of the above mentioned magazine article had in mind when he wrote his paragraph of idiotic twaddle, I’m keeping things pretty simple. The point is that you may have a rod and reel combo from one of the top tackle companies that cost you almost a weeks wages or you may have bought a bargain starter kit for less than the price of two packets of fags. The Fish Don’t Know. When Percy Perch or Tommy Tench or (gasp) Charlie Carp clap eyes on your baited hook and fall on it  with a hungry flick of their tail, they haven’t got the first clue whether your hook is designed and marketed for their particular species, or if the kit you’re using has the name of their clan printed on the butt end along with the name of a currently ‘famous’ angler. They don’t know and they don’t care.

This is quite useful for someone like me. What I mean by that is that I’m pretty inept at actually catching fish. I don’t really know what I’m doing. But (and here’s the good news) – The Fish Don’t Know. The first time I went Carp Fishing I took along the only rod I had – a 1970’s Fibreglass beachcaster with two of the rings missing. I was also advised to bring something to sit on. Not being the owner of anything  suitably camouflaged I simply chucked a wooden patio chair in the van and off we went. I do remember getting some very funny looks from the ‘serious’ carping fraternity – the sort who put a bivvy up for a single day session in bright sunshine. Plenty of muttering just out of earshot too. I caught plenty of fish and also managed to sit just as professionally as everyone else. My son, who accompanied me on the trip and who was fishing for the first time in his life was casting like an epileptic Octopus. He also caught plenty of fish. Because they Don’t Know. They Don’t Know and they don’t care, and I’m grateful for that.

In Part 2 I’ll get onto the fishingforluckies bit, and bring you bang up to date on the current sausage news.

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