Getting into gear.

Over the course of the last year and a half I’ve managed to acquire a fair bit of tackle and other fishing kit – gifts from relatives, hand me downs from wives of departed anglers, the odd eBay purchase – that kind of thing. One ‘donation’ in particular was particularly generous. A client for whom I was making a new kitchen and some other items of furniture had become a widow some 18 months ago and wanted me to get up in the loft to check that everything was OK and get some of her late husbands ‘junk’ down to free up some space.

She knew I was mad keen on fishing and mentioned that some of his gear was up there and if it was of any interest I could take it away.

Most of the gear was old, dusty and of little use but I gratefully loaded it into the van to have a sort through later that evening. I was just about to leave for the day when she mentioned that there was another pile of his stuff in the garage – could I take that as well as she wanted the space for a new chest freezer. Of course I obliged and duly loaded up said pile without paying much attention to the items, thinking ‘it’ll be much the same as the stuff in the loft.’

I couldn’t’ve been more wrong. A seriously large haul of almost new coarse fishing kit contained a Preston OnBox, several Drennan series 7 rods, 9 Drennan reels, some nice spinning gear from Savage Gear and Maver, nets, banksticks, a few baitrunners and a load of Korum luggage. Altogether probably worth around two or three grand!

Once I realised what she’d just given me I rang her to suggest that she ought to let me pay for it, or at least sell it on eBay and give her the money. She flatly refused saying that she would be  happy to know that someone was fishing with her husbands gear and enjoying it. ‘Its exactly what he’d tell me to do with it’ she told me.

There have been several other gifts of equipment in a similar vein, meaning that I really only needed to purchase end tackle items such as hooks, shrink tube, lead clips and the like.

Some of the bits and pieces ended up going to a local club which has a juniors programme, some of the more esoteric items found their way onto eBay to help fund the purchase of more appropriate tackle, while a small amount of the gear attracted the interest of a chap from one of the local clubs I belong to. It transpired that some of the older rods and reels I’d acquired were ‘collectable’. After much wrangling, bargaining and horse trading a deal was struck and I found myself the owner of a full Carp setup:

  • 3 x Greys Prodigy Apex rods
  • 3 x Shimano X-Aero 10000RA reels
  • 1 x Daiwa Emcast Spod & Marker rod
  • 2 x Wychwood Dispatch 7500 Spod & Marker reels
  • Trakker SLX V2 2 man bivvy
  • Trakker RLX Superlite Bedchair
  • Trakker Big Snooze sleeping bag and extra cover
  • 1 x Delkim TXi Plus inc Stow indicator
  • Trakker 3 Rod padded rod sleeve

All of which was BRAND SPANKING NEW!!!



PrusaCarp_SLX web 5.JPG

The best news is that I’m going to share some (not all) of my good fortune – I’ll be writing up some reviews of the kit once I feel it’s had enough use to warrant my (somewhat amateur) opinion.

Aren’t you lucky?

2 thoughts on “Getting into gear.

  1. What a great way to happen upon some new toys. Unfortunately i can almost hear your eyeballs turning 180 in their sockets to reveal small carp-shaped iris’.
    This is dangerous territory. I hope you know how to blank properly?

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  2. You’re probably right about the freaky eyeball thing – I do seem to developing barbules either side of my mouth. Is this how it begins?

    As for blanking, I definitely know how to do it but I can’t be sure I’m doing it “properly”.

    Is there a Korda video I can watch to get some tips on this, or can you offer any words of wisdom?

    Tomorrow I’m after my first 20 on the local club ‘speci’ lake (Gedges Lakes nr Paddock Wood).

    I’ll be sure to write a post on Sunday to let you know how it went.

    **SPOILER ALERT** – I have found a local supplier of hand made sausages so the blog posts will be getting back to their roots methinks!!

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