The Duck is Broken

As I said in my last post I was definitely absolutely positively going fishing today – no matter what.

And I did. I returned to Lake 4 (the so-called ‘Specimen Lake’) at Gedges Lakes in Paddock Wood. Arriving at about 08:30 I found the lake empty so was able to choose my swim based on a swift recce of the lake to gather some ‘intel’.

Not being much of an ‘intel’ gatherer I ended up plonking down in swim 106 on the basis of a few bubbles and the fact that some splendid person has dragged an outdoor pub table down there. If I’m honest the table was the main reason – I may have imagined the bubbles.

I’d prepared some method mix as I’ve had a lot of success at Gedges with it, although I’ve never caught from this particular lake before. It has a bit of reputation of being a heartbreaker.

The right hand rod was rigged up with a method feeder with two bits of fake corn (one buoyant, one normal – to try and achieve a neutral buoyancy effect) and was summarily lobbed to a carpy looking overhang down to my right. I followed it up with a couple of balled in handfuls for good measure.

The left hand rod was basically pub chucked to within about 20ft of the opposite bank for the sole reason that ‘I thought I saw something” in the vicinity. That and it was within catapult range.


Next job was to get the coffee on and rustle up a couple of Sausage & Egg McMuffins – trés bien.

All was good, I was happy, fishing was getting done and the rain hadn’t appeared. All I needed now was a fish.

And a fish is what I got.

The left hand rod (remember the pub-chuck) rattled off, and after 5 minutes of the angry victim charging all over the place it suddenly capitulated and wallowed over the net-cord like a sheepish Bream.



As you can see from the picture above it was a pristine looking common weighing in at 16lb 12oz. It looked like it was starting to darken up into it’s full winter colours – they do get pretty dark in this lake from what I’ve been told.

It was only 10:30, so I felt there was every chance of another bite so I quickly got the rod back out onto the spot and sent out a few pouches of boilies – a mix of Krill and Manilla doused in Cloudy Krill liquid and dusted in crushed hemp.

More coffee was made and drunk, along with a celebratory vape (no where near as enjoyable as a proper ciggie but it’s time for me to ‘put aside childish things’ as someone in the bible once said apparently), and then I settled down to wait.

The tackle box and Rig Safe were both in a bit of a state, having been left in my bag for untold months so I made good use of the aforementioned table and had a proper sort out. Some rigs were tied, some discarded and some I looked at and wondered ‘why the hell did I tie up that abomination?’.

At some point I succumbed to the inevitable doze in the chair, waking up an hour or so later. Normally I get proper snarky with myself for falling asleep while fishing, but to be honest it was just what I needed. Waking up to see a beautiful lake and the surrounding trees in early autumn colours is a tonic indeed.

There’s not much more to report really – a few liners had me on the edge of my seat but no more takes materialised.

At this point I feel I should give a mention to the sausages. Not really sausages in the strictest sense of the word – Tesco Sausage & Herb patties to be more precise. I was a bit unsure to begin with, thinking they would be barely edible at best, but I really wanted to have a go at recreating the authentic Maccy D’s McMuffin.

Turns out they were fine, albeit a bit on the skinny side. I probably won’t go this route again but it was worth a try.

As for music, have a listen to this. Not what you might expect maybe but it made me smile today.

Oh, and by the way, no real ducks were actually broken during this session, although some definitely got a bit fatter.

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